Friday, January 14, 2005


Shallow End Of The Gene Pool

The Twins Rack Their Brains Over Immigration (Thanks to Yama for the interview)

L&L with stepdad Mark "White War Hero" Neufeldt
(Quick poll: let us know if you think he looks like a child molester too!)

In a recent interview with Paul Fontaine-Nikolov for the Reykjavik Grapevine, the twins answer some "tough questions" about the issue of immigration.

Part of their heritage is also Icelandic, as their grandmother was from here. What do some of the youngest members of the white nationalist movement have to say about immigration? Lamb and Lynx speak their minds with Grapevine:

On your website I saw that you took part in an anti-immigration demonstration. What, in your opinion, is the biggest reason why the borders should be closed?
Lamb: The US cannot take everyone in the world who wants to live here. If we have to feed and clothe them all we will end up being a really poor country, too.
Lynx: The immigration is changing our schools because the Mexicans’ behavior is rubbing off on the White kids. Like spray painting and laziness and bad grammar. I see so much of the teachers’ time spent on trying to get the Mexican kids to behave themselves or so much money spent on trying to teach them English that it takes away from the rest of us.

Would you consider yourselves white supremacist or separatist, and why?
Lamb: White Nationalist or Separatist since a supremacist means that we would want to rule other races and to be honest, we just don’t want them around.
Lynx: We do think our race is different than other races in a lot of positive ways and that we have invented more things and done more for civilization. We don’t want to harm other races but we don’t want to have to take care of them or be around them either.
Have you ever visited the country (or countries) of your heritage, and have you ever considered moving there one day?
Lamb: No, we haven’t. I would move to any country that would allow Whites to have their own living space. Or any country that would allow it to be politically correct to be a separatist.
Lynx: No, I haven’t been to any of the countries of my heritage. I might like to move to a European country like Iceland or Ireland or Germany but only if they haven’t ruined it by allowing too many immigrants from non-white countries like the US did.
If the border were closed, would this include the exclusion of white Europeans?
Lamb: No, I know a lot of people from Europe and they are here legally.
Lynx: No, because from what I have seen White Europeans benefit our country and our society.

Should immigrants already living in the US be deported, segregated or assimilated?
Lamb: Give the nonwhites an area to stay if they were born here and if they haven’t done anything wrong. If they are here illegally or if they moved here then send them back.
Lynx: I think we should allow the races to separate that are here. If the government doesn’t make people live near each other they probably won’t want to and they won’t mix.
Which country, in your opinion, comes closest to the type of immigration policy you’d like to see in the US?
Lamb: I’m 12 years old. I don’t know enough about the laws in other countries; only what I see happening in my state and country.
Lynx: None that we know of.
With all your rock and hardcore influences, what made you decide to pursue folk music?
Lynx: Since this first CD is aimed more at White children we thought that it would be better to do folk music. Also there are lots of racial rock musicians but not that many with a folk sound.
Lamb: We think that our music styles will probably change as we get older, too.
Any plans for an international tour?
Lynx: We would like to travel and play but we don’t have anything planned yet.
Lamb: I would like to go any place that would like to hear our music. I doubt that would include Africa. But duh - we would never go to Israel.

[Editor's Note: Not Africa? But what about Sun City?]

Respone to young twin hate mongers.

There are many different ways of life in this world and one person's is no more valid than another, until you start infringinging on others rights. These girls, while utterly oblivious to the contraversies they are truely creating, are no more than children, who should be playing with dolls, not being manipulated into spokes people for a cause wether it be hatred or world peace. I deplore the behavior of the adults controlling this media escapade, and ask why they cannot voice their opinons themselves and if they truely want racial seperation they should find themselves an island in the pacific and ship all white people there so we could all be happy. Plus if they are so concerned with the immigration of other peoples to this country, they should look at a history book and realize thay wouldn't have a white neigborhood to keep white if whites hadn't stolen this land from THE native Americans. Honestly, we're trying to have a society here so shut your hitler loving mouths, the NAZI's lost, they'll lose again because peace and equality will always win over hatred and opression.
P. S. You live in an area America STOLE from mexico during the mexican american war, that's why you go to school with alot of mexicans, and if these girls werent so ignorant about anything other than what's affecting them right now, they might even have an argument.
That was well-said.
wow vanwilder!
you should be a politician (or possibly world leader ... )
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