Monday, January 03, 2005


He's The Man

People like pictures of Prussian Blue. Here's one of my all-time favorites, provided by our very own Central Valley Watchdog, who is always prowling the net for great pix of our favorite chix.

This is an old picture of the twins with k.d. lang. Actually, the cowboy is really a cousin of L&L. (A free gmail account invite to whoever comes up with the most creative, funny, or accurate guess as to how the little rascal injured his forearm.) Personally, I think they maybe April needs to figure out just how "selectively" she wants her daughters to breed, but I guess that's just a redneck thing. The picture is from the family ranch, run by their grandfather.

Just for fun, here's one more great pic of Lamb (right) and Lynx (left).

Since they're twins and all, they can be easy to confuse, so I figured I'd label them like that for your convenience.

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