Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Will PB Star Power Shut Down The Border?

If you really want a cause to succeed, you had better get some serious star power behind it. Just look at how many happy Hollywood faces lined up behind Kerry, and he still lost! Naturally, if you're a white supremacist group like the National Alliance, this type of endorsement is absolutely vital. Unfortunately for them, the pickin's are woefully slim: there's Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson's father, Mel Gibson, and now, Prussian Blue.

That's why we'd like to throw our hat into the ring. We agree: Stop Immigration! In fact, we believe in this cause so strongly, we're going to leave. There are far, far too many immigrants of European origin in this great nation, who have done nothing but manage to fuck it up over and over again. So we're leaving. Right after April, Mark, Lynx, Lamb, and Dresden, that is! Come on guys, we all know you want to repatriate. So set an example for the cause and buy yourselves five one-way tickets outta this berg and back to the UK. Well, actually, maybe only two three tickets to the UK. We think Lynx and Lamb should go to Zimbabwe instead. We hear that place is a regular paradise (or in your case, Valhalla) for whites.

Do remember to send postcards.

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