Wednesday, December 22, 2004


The Sound of Music*

*And by "music," we of course mean "Cystic Fibrosis"
(April, Lynx, and Lamb do their best von Trapp impersonations) White Nationalists (or "White Trash Nationalists," as one of our readers more accurately refers to them) care about genes. You may have heard of "eugenics" in your secondary school history courses, probably right around the unit on phrenology.

Naturally, April was quite concerned when she was unexpectedly diagnosed with the disorder:
I was shocked to find that I was one of those 1 in 25 Whites who is a carrier of the cystic fibrosis gene. Remember--no one in my family had even heard of the disease before, let alone had it, and I have two perfectly healthy young girls.

Now my husband is also being tested, so that we will know what we are dealing with. Keep in mind that even if he is a carrier, we still have a 75% chance of having a healthy baby. We will not terminate the pregnancy at this late date, regardless of the results, but we want to know. Also, in future pregnancies I might choose to terminate early on if a child is going to be born with cystic fibrosis.

Caring words, to be sure. As one of our readers put it in a recent email,
She is currently trying to get her three daughters tested to know whether or not they have the cystic fibrosis gene. April was horrified to discover that she had the gene earlier this year. However, local doctors and geneticists will only allow a woman of childbearing age to be tested. April wants to ensure that her future "Aryan grandchildren" will be healthy, free of congenital defects, and able to increase the numbers of the White race through reproduction. To Mark & April, reproduction is the key to saving the Whites from extinction.

They feel that many Whites are selfish by going childless or by choosing to have only one child.

Thankfully for April and unfortunately for the rest of us, her hubby, Mark Neufeldt (who met and courted her online--praise Thor for e-dating) is not, it turns out, a carrier. What of Lynx, Lamb, and her newest Hitler Youth, the appropriately-named Dresden? It seems like April may have to wait it out in utter torment, a torment that will be sweeter than honey to us. Hey, there's a German word the Gaedes should know: schadenfreude. There is the possibility, however, that if her daughters do turn out to be afflicted by the disorder as well, she will simply use it as a poor excuse, in typical stage mom fashion, for why her daughters have zero musical talent. For that, however, we will have to play the waiting game as well.

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