Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Prussian Blue: Behind The Fascism

For those of us not deeply involved in the world of white supremacy--or even remotely involved--it can be difficult to keep up with the rambunctious twin duo, Prussian Blue. Who are the real Lynx and Lamb? Where do they come from? I can't tell you everything, but I can tell you what I know. Lynx and Lamb, or more properly, Lynx and Lamb Gaede, hail (heil?) from California, or Mexifornia as their mother lovingly refers to it. You can find Lynx and her mother, but not so much Lamb, floating around online if you know where to look. Lynx goes by the handle "Punk_Violinist1488," her mother, "SheWolfoftheNA," and "Odin's shieldmaiden."

(The twins, Lynx and Lamb)

(April Gaede with her newest little recruit)

April Gaede, their mother, is a "writer" for the National Alliance's organ, National Vanguard, and takes great pride in her daughters. As well she should, motherhood is something April knows a lot about:

Getting your children enthusiastic and interested in preserving our culture and our ethnic traditions can be rewarding for the entire family, and can transcend generational barriers. By incorporating grandparents, older friends and other relatives into your ethnic experience you can actually end up learning a lot yourself.

One good way to help your children understand their place in the precious chain of your family line is to make a family tree. This will serve two purposes: actually getting a genealogical record on paper for posterity -- and also helping your children understand that their lives are a part of something greater.

Like any good Aryan mother, April knows that part of rasing what she calls "racially aware" children, is imbuing them with their ethnic history. What does April recommend? It's not hard to see, given her advice, how the twins L&L came to be:

Another way to preserve our European culture is through dance and music. My daughters take Scottish Highland dance, as well as violin and guitar lessons. You might find out what type of instrument your child is interested in by taking the entire family out to see your local symphony orchestra. Many cities like mine have a special deal for students so that they can receive free or greatly reduced tickets for the symphony. An added benefit of this is that you can almost guarantee that the audience will be mostly -- if not all -- White.

What April seems to have missed is that no amount of lessons in dancing, or more importantly, playing guitar and violin, can make up for lack of talent, something Lynx and Lamb suffer from in a very accute sense. One thing April clearly didn't miss is that Christianity doesn't make for rearing fascist babies. For that, you need a pagan revival. As Lynx--sorry, Punk_Violinist1488--put it, "We don't celebrate christmas though, we celebrate Yule." Man, and I thought Honnukah sucked. But then, that's what being the daughter of Odin's Shieldmaiden will get you.

(L&L with their new sister)
What's on board next for the twins? Unfortunately, as their stage mom (SheWolf/April) writes, they've only just begun. "They hope to add Bass guitar and keyboards and or drums to the next CD." You might be surprised to learn, however, that we all have more in common with April, although for what are perhaps different reasons, than one might suspect: of her daughters' music, she says, "Some of those songs still make me cry when I hear them."

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