Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Of Horseback And Hos

I realize at this point that I'm probably becoming the surrogate homepage for Prussian Blue. I suppose that's fine, given the fact that I utterly detest them. That said, every day I find more interesting stuff than the next. Today? Well, permit me to fill you in. April Gaede and her daughters live in Bakersfield, California (or in April's case, "Mexifornia").

Her daughers are, however, into horseback riding, and that can be difficult in Bakersfield. That's where their grandfather's ranch in Squaw Valley comes in handy. Here's a picture of one of the Gaede twins parading around the National Alliance flag (note the Life rune) on horseback. [Correction: April was kind enough to let us know that the shiksa with the flag is actually her, not either of her twins]

Mommy rides horseback too. Note that the twins' grandfather brands his horses with a swastika, much to the shagrin of many locals. Here's Lamb with her pony at the Gaede ranch in Squaw Valley.

Cute, right? But where's dad? It seems that April gets around quite a bit. One of her fellow white supremacists scumbags wrote of April, "'Crazy April Gaede' has been a National Alliance member for about two years. In that time, she has fucked dozens of NA and COTC members physically and more than a handful financially." This person goes on to write,

In 2002, April was involved in a relationship with senior NA leader Will Williams. Within weeks, Ms. Gaede was acting insane. She spread lies and rumors about Will to hundreds of members, claiming Will had been sexually involved with non-Whites and Asians while he served as a Special Forces officer in Vietnam in the late 1960‘s. After the leadership refused to get rid of her, Will resigned from the NA and April continued on this track - first fucking then attacking and attempting to destroy the reputations of several other key NA leaders. Despite being aware of several complaints about her sexual antics, William Pierce refused to remove Gaede from the rolls of the organization.

After Pierce died, this theme continued with April. Soon, she was “engaged” to the NA’s senior IT manager, Steven Sims, who was himself married to a Chinese woman. Sims created and managed the NA customer and membership list but, because of his race mixing marriage and half breed child he was ineligible to actually join the National Alliance. April had SIms close to suicide in a few weeks.

Next, April moved on to Chairman Gliebe, providing sexual favors to Erich in exchange for Resistance Records producing a CD of her two young daughter’s singing old Skrewdriver covers. (You just KNOW that CD is going to fly off the warehouse shelves.)

Fact is, April Gaede and Stacy Mokma have now probably fucked half of what is left of the National Alliance. Chairman Gliebe hooks them up with wavering members and has dipped into the well himself several times.

Now ask yourself, does this sort of conduct embarrass the new “family friendly” National Alliance? What should an honorable group of dedicated and “elite” White men and women do with such a notoriously promiscuous rumor mongering whore?

Well, in the “new” NA they make her a Unit Coordinator. That’s right, April Gaede is about to be named the National Alliance Unit Coordinator for Bakersfield, California.

Of course, that's just one man's opinion. Will Williams responds, stating:

I do not know who posted that, but it obviously comes from one who is quite familiar with the character, or lack thereof, and the shenanigans of the neurotic drama queen, Ms. Gaede, a self-admitted "sex addict." She can make a decent first impression on people, as she did with Dr. Pierce when he met her for the first time on a trip to an Alliance EuroFest in California in October of 2001. He put me in touch with her knowing I had been looking for a suitable racist woman for marriage. It didn't take me long to see that she was not a good match, so I moved on. Unfortunately, I had lent her family $900 for an emergency they had and in trying to collect it became abundantly clear to me that she had no intention of repaying the loan. I know how to collect debts from crooks, and in fact got my money back from her, or rather from whichever hapless Alliance member she was screwing and manipulating at that time (I lost count well up into the double digits).

Her nonresponsive reply to "Nobody's Fool":
"I see nothing here that requires being dignified with a reply. Will, I am sorry you are still upset, but we can't always get what we want in life. I have had my share of disappointments as well. You need to learn to accept things that ARE, and move on."

Huh!?! Ms. Gaede is off her rocker. She thinks I am upset and disappointed about something to do with her. Maybe she forgets that I dropped her, not the other way around as is the usual case for her in dealing with men. I have enough disappointment in Erich Gliebe and his wrecking crew that I have little left for some calloused-assed strumpet in California who can't keep her stinkin' pussy in her pants.

For the record, after years of disappointment dealing with shallow groupies and phony women like Gaede I finally learned that I do NOT need a racist woman for my wife -- my priorities were wrong. There simply aren't enough to go around for our much more numerous racist men, especially suitable, unsnipped ones of child-bearing age who are willing to create their families with a man of my years (56). A year ago I found a wonderful Aryan lady who is not overtly racial but nor does she object to the fact that I am. We got married in August and look forward to a successful union, thank you.

If you ever read this April, don't get too down on yourself. I'm sure the man you seek is out there somewhere. He's probably just been buried for 60 years in an unmarked German grave.

More to come soon. Stay tuned...

She certainly dated her share of losers. What happened to that old guy who had the half chinese kids? But her ex-husband is a dope hed.
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