Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Comments: A Time Honored Tradition

Time out from the regular Prussian Blue stream of muck for a message of questionable import from the bloggers: This blog gets a lot of hits. Not tons, mind you, but it's done very well for itself ever since the kind words from Radosh.net. Right now, we probably average about 50 hits per day. That, of course, is good news. Here's better news: probably by tomorrow we'll have a nice, shiny, official, non-blogger domain name. Even better news: we have a comments section.

That last bit of information is not exactly new--we've always had a comments section for each post. What's interesting is that no matter how many hits we receive, no one uses them. As a seasoned blogger, that's something I find quite disturbing. It's quite difficult to imagine a reader having absolutely no reaction to the site. The comments are there for you, dear reader.

PS- As you've no doubt noticed, the posts have slowed down a bit for the holidays. Don't worry, they'll pick right back up again. We're shooting for at least two more before New Year's, and then we'll be back to our one-to-three per day, per usual.

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Well, now that Prussian Blue have hit ABC news, I think a lot more people are aware of the madness.

Been a while since y'all last updated.
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