Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Buffy the Aryan Slayer

With the upcoming release of the debut Prussian Blue CD, I have to wonder: they stole their name from another band, 97% of the music on the CD is not theirs, so what about the album title, Fragments of the Future? Turns out that one wasn't stolen from another band. But it does look like the Gaede girls are big fans of BtVS fan fiction. See the Fragments of the Future series, by Kantayra. I think we all know who their big crush is...

Just think. In a few years the girls will be old enough to view Kantayra's NC-17 fanfic index.

This gives us an idea. Do you have Prussian Blue fan fiction? Email it along to us at theprussianblueblog@gmail.com; we'll post it. If we get enough, we can set up a whole archive. Remember though, if you want us to post it, keep it funny but legal.

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