Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Blake, She's Not

"What Must Be Done," by Lynx Gaede, age 10

Fire and Rage burn inside
But I will hold on to my pride.
My race and my family make me brave---
They are all I want; I do not crave.

We will fight for what we believe;
Our land we will retrieve.
Our race is Nature's Finest,
So I can't understand people's blindness.

ALL the mud races must be banished,
For look at the world they have damaged.
Look around and what do I see?
Ugly brown faces staring at me.

Our people must look like my mom and dad.
They dont now and that makes me mad.
We don't want to be mongrelized,
We want to be Nature's Finest down deep inside.

Now sit down and think of what I just said;
Remember our Cause until you are dead.
Hope what I wish comes true,
And that people come to look like me and you.

I am proud of what I just wrote,
And now I will go and read it to my Folk.

By Lynx Gaede
age 10

printed in the Winter 2003 issue of Resistance magazine

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